NPR Talk Show ‘1A’ Devotes Hour To Pro-Abortion Viewpoint, It’s Just ‘Pregnancy Tissue’

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By Tim Graham ~

The National Public Radio talk show 1A did an houron new “restrictive” laws on abortion on Tuesday, but it was not a debate, it was a pro-abortion show. Substitute host Sasha-Ann Symons announced “we understand passions run very high, but we want today’s conversation to focus on the impact and likely consequences of these laws. Our guests are here to answer your questions, not to debate the topic.”

The guests were two liberal journalists — NPR legal correspondent/Ruth Bader Ginsburg bestie Nina Totenberg, and former NPR health correspondent Julie Rovner — as well as abortionist Colleen McNicholas. Almost every question was carefully curated from the abortion-advocate talking-point list.

Simons asked Dr. McNicholas to explain what happens in an abortion. The doctor explained there is “medical” abortion, with a cocktail of drugs, or an “aspiration procedure…where we essentially open the cervix just enough to place a…

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