Legalize It All

Skating Under The Ice

When my daughter was born, I quickly counted her fingers and toes. I was glad to see ten of each, because if I didn’t do myself serious genetic damage in the 1960s … well, it wasn’t for lack of trying …

During that time, I sampled every kind of drug that I came across. Hey, I was young and stupid, so sue me. I even shot heroin once. It was in a shabby apartment in a sad part of San Francisco. My girlfriend of the time shot me up, and I nodded out in front of the television. When I woke up, I thought “Man, I can pass out in front of the TV without needles, what’s the big deal”? Haven’t tried it since.

As a result of my misguided youth, I’ve seen the drug world up close and personal. I’ve known the players, because I was one of them, they were…

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