A story showing why America’s forests are burning

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Summary: Why is so much of America burning? We see the answer as much of California burns. Land was stripped of the trees that provided firebreaks, homes were carelessly built in natural fire zones, and decades of fire suppression allowed accumulation of tinder (details here). Scientists warned and were ignored. Here is an account of the next frontier in forest management. Ecologists’ research produces new recommendations — and anti-science greens stage political protests to stop them. It is a story of America’s failure to learn, of America the dysfunctional — because we have dropped the reins.Forest Management

Excerpt from “Against the grain

By Warren Cornwall at Science, 6 Oct 2017.
Links and color emphasis added. The money paragraphs are at the end.

Work of an eminent scientist.

“Jerry Franklin has spent much of his life in the company of giants. …In the 1980s, the forest ecologist became a…

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