About Steve Crowder’s thrilling exposé of Antifa’s violence

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Summary: A thrilling exposé from a right-wing journalists reveals the hidden violence of Antifa. It has gotten a million clicks in two days on YouTube, but the major news media ignore it! Read here to see the truth behind the excitement.

AntiFascist march Antifa at the anniversary of the Cronulla race riots, Dec 2015. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen.

Undercover in Antifa” by Steve Crowder.

At “Louder with Crowder“, posted 28 September 2017.

Here is an amazing story on Steve Crowder’s YouTube channel. Crowder and his producer, Jared Monroe, infiltrate a Antifa group and return with video and stories. It has gone viral, with over a million views so far. Right-wing commentators say it proves the violent nature of Antifa. Crowder is not the New York Times, but valuable information sometimes comes from the fringes of the news media. Listen and evaluate it for yourself. Better yet, read the transcript that…

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